“An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and the Parliament of Canada Act (reforms)”

In December of 2013, Member of Parliament for Wellington-Halton Hills, Michael Chong, introduced a private member’s bill that would change Parliament. In particular, it would affect the relationship between party caucuses and their leaders. If the bill becomes law, party leaders would no longer have the power to veto election candidates chosen by constituency nomination meetings. Also, leaders would lose the ability to unilaterally remove members from caucus. As well, party caucuses in the House of Commons could remove their leaders by majority vote. These proposals are consistent with practices in other parliamentary democracies around the world that operate according to the principle of responsible government.

For more information on Mr. Chong’s initiative, please see the following Backgrounder: Backgrounder, 2014

For a text of the proposed act:The Reform Act – Text of the bill

Also see his website, http://michaelchong.ca/action/the-reform-act